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TechniSearch Recruitment FirmOur Mission and Company Philosophy

TechniSearch’s mission is to develop long term partnerships with the goal of meeting the needs of our clients, and our candidates, based upon mutual trust.   We strive to unite the art of matchmaking with the science of recruiting.

Our commitment to our client companies is to provide the best available talent in the market place.  We are committed to supporting our candidates with the best possible career assistance.  We strive for effective and timely communication as the key components throughout our recruiting process. 

TechniSearch Recruiters understands our clients’ needs.  Flexibility, teamwork, competencies, and focused improvements are every day demands.  Employers need the full involvement and engagement of every person in the company.

The demands of the marketplace keep increasing.  World-class levels of performance in quality, cycle time, cost efficiencies, and new product development are a given.

At TechniSearch, we feel a company‘s employees are a valuable source of competitive advantage.  A work environment based on a set of shared values is a key element to improving quality, innovation, and productivity.  Integrity is fundamental.  As a result, employees have a shared destiny with the company.


TechniSearch Recruiters
Christine Mueller, President
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